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18th century Flintlock pistol. The pistol has marks on the barrel: “ELG” The Stock is European walnut, and trimmed in brass furniture, this antique pistol has a warm patina. The pistol is a typical British cavalry Flintlock of the late 18th century. Measurements: 39cm overall length.

SA Ref: 13MF04

Price £950

Early 19th century Century Ottoman Flintlock holster Pistol. Made in the Balkan area. Inlaid with scrolling brass wire. Long fared butt cap, trigger guard and side plates cast brass and with a walnut stock. c.1810. Measurements: 43cm overall length.

SA Ref: 13MF05

Price £550

Westley Richards 14 bore side by side muzzle loading hammer action 19th century shotgun. The musket with named and engraved locks, stylised dolphin hammers, engraved pineapple finialled trigger guard, top plate and mounts, brass tipped wooden ram-rod, vacant cartouche to the underside of the stock and 30 inch silver inlaid Damascus barrels, overall. In full working order and in excellent condition.

Westley Richards Province:– Double barrelled guns 5887-7000 = 1882-95Westley Richards is a British manufacturer of guns and rifles and also a well established gunsmith. The company was founded in 1812 by William Westley Richards, who was responsible for the early innovation of many rifles used in wars featuring the British Army during the 1800s. It remained in the hands of the Richards family until it was purchased by Clode in 1957.The company has received a number of royal warrants since 1840.

SA Ref: 13MF07

Measurement: length 117cm.

Price £1,250.

An 18th century Flintlock coat pistol by Barnett. The pistol has British proof marks on the barrel, and is marked “Barnett” on the lock plate. It is attributed to the renowned English gunmaker, John Edward Barnett (1771-1799). The Stock is European walnut, and trimmed in engraved steel furniture, this antique pistol has a warm patina. The pistol would be a typical British trade pistol of the late 18th century.

Measurements: 25cm overall length.

SA Ref: 13MF03

Price £550.

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