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After GUILLAUME COSTOU THE ELDER (French, 1677-1746) A PAIR OF LATE 19TH CENTURY FRENCH GILT BRONZE MODELS OF THE MARLY HORSES. The Bronzes are after Guillaume Coustouv’s Horse Tamer, from the “Chevaux de Marly” series. “Marly Horses” (often incorrectly called “Marley” horses) are so called after the pair of Carrara marble horses sculpted by Guillaume Coustou in 1739, as a commission for Louis XV for the Chateau at Marly-le-Roi near Paris. There were entitled Horse Restrained by Groom. They are now in the Marly Sculpture Courtyard at the Louvre. Measurements:49.5cm high; 34cm wide; 13.5cm deep.

SA Ref: 12BM01

Price £1,150 the PAIR.

Footnote. Guillaume Costou the Elder was a French Sculptor and academician. He won the Colbert prize giving him a four-year scholarship at the French Academy in Rome. He soon left it, however and according to legend, wandered homeless around the streets of Rome for some time.On his return to Paris he helped his uncle execute the monumental equestrian sculptures of Fame and Mercury for Marley, which were to be replaced by his own Horse Tamers, which reinvent the theme of the colossal Roman marbles of the ‘Horse Tamers’ in the Piazza Quirinale, in Rome. Marley was where Louis XVI of France could escape the formal rigours of what he was constructing in Versailles. The theme of Marley was that it was a simple hunting lodge, just enough to accomodate the Royal Hunt.

A seated bronze of the Roman goddess Ceres holding a scythe and a wheatsheaf. Ceres was the Roman goddess of agriculture, grain, and the love a mother bears for her child. She was the daughter of Saturn and Ops, the sister of Jupiter, and the mother of Proserpine. Measurements: 33h x 40.5w x 18 depth. cms.

Ref: 12BM02



ANDOR RUFF (AUSTRIAN, 1885-1951). AN LATE 19TH CENTURY BRONZE ALLEGORICAL FIGURE OF A LITERATURE the standing maiden in Renaissance dress and holding open a large book, raised on an outswept plinth, mid to dark brown patination. Signed “RUFF”, raised on a shaped marble base, 29cm high.

SA Ref: 12BM03


A fine pair of Bronze mid-19th century Campana. The shaped patinated bronze urns with marble pedestals. The bronzes are of good quality with fine chiseling. The handles with classical heads of gods. The body with a frieze of a Bacchanalia Roman festival. Bacchus based on various ecstatic elements of the Greek Dionysia. They symbolise the four seasons. Measurements: 31h x 14.5w x 13 depth cm. SA Ref: 12BM04l


ITALIAN MID-CENTURY RARE, ARMCHAIR. In great unspoiled original condition.

The original upholstered seat with classical architectural motifs, depicting Corinthian and Doric columns and classical Italian buildings in black, gray, and white, in a style popular in the mid-1950s.The chair is widely coveted and collected thanks to its timeless classic Mid-Century minimalist design. Circa 1958

Measurements 88cm high59cm wide max. 67cm deep.

Price £350

Buyer collects other than local

Arts and Crafts Mirror with bevelled glass original plate. 19th Century.

Ref: 12BM05

Price £250.

A large antique bronze dinner gong mounted in a bamboo frame in the oriental style. Dating to the late 19th century, circa 1885 bronze gong with natural aged patina, with a hammered finish with deep sides. The gong with a good musical deep tone. Wooden leather covered beater hangs to the side for convenience. Solid joints and construction, waxed, polished. Dimensions: Max Height: 80cm; Max Width: 69cm; Max Depth: 35cm; Gong diameter: 37cm.

SA Ref: 12BM06

Price £450.

A Bronze incense burner depicting a Tiger.

Ref: 12BM07


I have many Kodak and similar antique foldable 📸 cameras for sale. The price range from £50 to £100.

Georgian Metamorphic Mahogany Child’s High Chair. SOLD

An early 19th century Georgian mahogany child’s high chair.The high chair is made in two parts, a miniature arm chair to the top and a stand/table below. The chair and stand are held together by an original turned wooden bolt. The arm chair is of the Georgian/ Regency period with a concave inlaid top rail and cross rail that has carved decoration, reeded & turned arms and turned front legs, with sabre shaped back legs, in the regency style. The stand is a small square table with a bolt hole in the centre to hold the chair and table together. With a reupholstered tapestry seat pad. The child’s high chair is in excellent condition and is easy to take apart and put back together using the one turned wood screw. (Circa 1820)

Total Height 89cm. Width 37cm. Depth 42cm. Chair only:-Height 53cm. Width 35cm. Depth 34cm


SA Ref: MA01

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