Miscellaneous 🕒 Clocks

Skeleton clock, early 19th century, 8 day with chain driven brass movement. Measurements: 37cm high; 20cm wide; 16cm deep.

Ref: 4MC01

Price £950

Porcelain clock by Gustav Becker serial no. for 1863. Gustav Beckerclocks are known for their quality. 8 day. Measurements: 35x22x8cm.

Ref: 4MC02

Price £750

Art Deco Onex Marble clock Garniture, French. 4 glass, with mercury pendulum. 8 day, striking on the hour and the half hour. 8 day movement striking on a gong. Circa 1920.

Ref: 4MC03

Price £750

French Black Marble Mantle clock. Circa 1880. High quality with marble dial with gilt surround. 8 day. Outside countwheel, striking on a bell, on the hour and the half. The top flat, in order to allow owners own decorative figure to be displayed, if so wished. Measurements: 22h x 43w x 20 depth cms.

Ref: 4MC04

Price: £350

French server style porcelain Mantle clock/timepiece. Depicting two cherubs amongst flowers and creepers. Circa 1890. 8 day. Measurements: 31h x 17w x 14.5 depth cms.

Ref: 4MC05

Price £320

French inlaid mahogany Mantle clock/timepiece. Circa 1890. 8 day. Measurements: 23h x 15w x 12depth cms.

Ref: 4MC06

Price: £350

Rouge marble gilt ormolu Mantle Clock / Stand, for Bronze or porcelain figure. The flat top can remain clear or show off a prized bronze etc. Circa 1880. Signed on the dial “J. Camelin Paris”. Outside countwheel, striking on a bell, on the hour and the half. Measurements: 15h x 27w x 21depth cm.

Ref: 4MC07

Price: £650

French Gilt Bronze Cartel Clock, with a 10.5 cm enamel dial. Signed on the dial “Samuel Marti, Paris”. Striking on a bell, on the hour and the half.Measurements: 40h x 18w x 10 depth cm.

SA Ref: 4MC08

Price: £750

A single chain fusee Dial / Station clock. Mahogany case, mechanism of 8 day duration. Cast brass bezel with bevelled glass. 12 inch enamel dial signed by “Clarke York”.

Ref: 4MC11

SA Price £550 SOLD

A Delf porcelain blue and white clock in the form of a miniature Grandfather Clock. A rare French example. 8 day. Approximately 32cm high

Ref: 4MC12

Price £850

An Early 19th century French Gilt Bronze Cartel Clock.

Ref: 4MC14

Price £850

French Lacquered brass mantel clock with gilded 12 part dial with porcelain cartouches depicting the hours. Stamped on the movement, by the famous Clock maker: “JAPY FRERES,MEDAILLE DE BRONZE 1873” . 8 day movement with outside countwheel striking on a bell, on the hour and the half. Circa: 1880.

Measurements : 38cm high; 26cm wide; 11cm deep.

Ref: 4MC15

Weight = 5.5 kilos. Postage within the UK for this clock £85.

Price £550 SOLD

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