Miscellaneous 🕒 Clocks

Skeleton clock, early 19th century, 8 day with chain driven brass movement. Measurements: 37cm high; 20cm wide; 16cm deep.

Ref: 4MC01

Price £950

Porcelain clock by Gustav Becker serial no. for 1863. Gustav Beckerclocks are known for their quality. 8 day. Measurements: 35x22x8cm.

Ref: 4MC02

Price £750

Art Deco Onex Marble clock Garniture, French. 4 glass, with mercury pendulum. 8 day, striking on the hour and the half hour. 8 day movement striking on a gong. Circa 1920.

Ref: 4MC03

Price £750

French Black Marble Mantle clock. Circa 1880. High quality with marble dial with gilt surround. 8 day. Outside countwheel, striking on a bell, on the hour and the half. The top flat, in order to allow owners own decorative figure to be displayed, if so wished. Measurements: 22h x 43w x 20 depth cms.

Ref: 4MC04

Price: £350

French server style porcelain Mantle clock/timepiece. Depicting two cherubs amongst flowers and creepers. Circa 1890. 8 day. Measurements: 31h x 17w x 14.5 depth cms.

Ref: 4MC05

Price £320

French inlaid mahogany Mantle clock/timepiece. Circa 1890. 8 day. Measurements: 23h x 15w x 12depth cms.

Ref: 4MC06

Price: £350

Rouge marble gilt ormolu Mantle Clock / Stand, for Bronze or porcelain figure. The flat top can remain clear or show off a prized bronze etc. Circa 1880. Signed on the dial “J. Camelin Paris”. Outside countwheel, striking on a bell, on the hour and the half. Measurements: 15h x 27w x 21depth cm.

Ref: 4MC07

Price: £650

French Gilt Bronze Cartel Clock, with a 10.5 cm enamel dial. Signed on the dial “Samuel Marti, Paris”. Striking on a bell, on the hour and the half.Measurements: 40h x 18w x 10 depth cm.

SA Ref: 4MC08

Price: £750. Reserved

Art Deco walnut chiming Mantle Clock by the leading German maker Kieninger. Signed on the dial by the Maker: Kieninger AJK”. Joseph Kieninger established Kieninger clocks 1912, in Mönchweiler near St. George. He was from the beginning very focused on producing mechanisms of the highest quality, before any mechanism left the factory Joseph personally inspected it himself. Circa 1930, 8 day Ting Tang chiming on the hour and half hour. Measurements : 29cm high; 60.5cm wide; 12cm deep.

Ref: 4MC09

Price £550.

Biedermeier style Vienna regulator, 19th century with single brass weight. Burr mahogany case. Circa 1895. dimensions: 109cm high; 31cm max wide; 13cm max deep.

Ref: 4MC10

Price £350

A single chain fusee Dial / Station clock. Mahogany case, mechanism of 8 day duration. Cast brass bezel with bevelled glass. 12 inch enamel dial signed by “Clarke York”.

Ref: 4MC11

SA Price £550

A Delf porcelain blue and white clock in the form of a miniature Grandfather Clock. A rare French example. 8 day. Approximately 32cm high

Ref: 4MC12

Price £850

19th century Skeleton Clock with passing strike. With chain fusee movement.

Ref: 4MC13

Price £750.

An Early 19th century French Gilt Bronze Cartel Clock.

Ref: 4MC14

Price £850

French Lacquered brass mantel clock with gilded 12 part dial with porcelain cartouches depicting the hours. Stamped on the movement, by the famous Clock maker: “JAPY FRERES,MEDAILLE DE BRONZE 1873” . 8 day movement with outside countwheel striking on a bell, on the hour and the half. Circa: 1880.

Measurements : 38cm high; 26cm wide; 11cm deep.

Ref: 4MC15

Weight = 5.5 kilos. Postage within the UK for this clock £85.

Price £550

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