French Gilt clocks, 18th and 19th century.

A Fine Cloisonne Enamel, Marble, 4 glass clock garniture. French, 19th century, 8 day, circa 1880. The movement stamped “S Marti et Cie, Paris”, (1870–1890) Samuel Marti of Paris was a French clockmaker in the mid 1800s from Paris at Le Pays de Montbeliard. He set up in business with Roux and Japy Freres in 1863 to market their clock movements.

Measurements: Clock on stand 37cm high; Clock 21cm wide ;stand 24cm wide ; clock 17cm deep; stand 18.5cm deep.

SA Ref: 1FG02

Price £1,950

French 19th century Gilt Bronze Figural clock by Japy Freres.

The Movement stamped, “Japy Freres de Paris” Japy Freres was a well-known French clock maker working in the nineteenth century in Paris. He received several gold medals (medaille d’or) between 1819 and 1839. Signed on the dial by the retailer, “Arnold, Paris & London”.

8 day movement striking on a bell, on the hour and the half. Circa 1850.

dimension:-43cm high x 33m wide x 12cm deep.Wieght: 7kl.

Ref: 1FG06

Price: £1650

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